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Earthquake or Tornado?

For some reason, I’m fascinated by human reaction to events.  Take last night’s earthquake, for example.  Most of my local friends not only felt it (it woke most of us up) but almost immediately commented on Facebook (as did I). In casual conversation with people all over the United States, much of it turns to natural disasters.  So I ask: “What would you prefer, earthquakes or tornados?” Almost without exception the folk in tornado country prefer tornados, with little to no hesitation. Many of us in earthquake country prefer earthquakes.

If anyone reads this, please post your choice and (if you feel so inclined) your reason for that choice.

One comment on “Earthquake or Tornado?

  1. I remember my Missouri born grandmother saying she would take an “quake” over a “twister”. As a young girl, she would take cover in a roadside ditch.

    But as for me, having been born in earthquake prone California, I would prefer the tornado. (If I really must choose) With today’s technology, we can track the storm. You can prepare and take cover. A tornado usually damages a small area. Unlike a silent earthquake, that has the potential to effect a large area.

    On a personal note, I consider myself a tornado survivor, as a twister hit within a half mile of my home. I spent the most freighting time of my life, in the safe room of the basement, with my two young granddaughters!

    Grammy had to be brave!

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